Thursday, July 13, 2006

Superman Returns

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五年後回到地球,喜歡的人訂婚了,並已有了孩子, 擁有超能力的他寂寞地在太空飛翔,有誰了解他的心?


世上究竟需要超人麼? 或者人們都該自力更生,靠自己的能力生活下去.


Peter Yokoyama said...

I think that Superman is the symbol of modern people's power/helplessness. You can see it from The Powerpuff Girls, too.

And I suspect he is the product of bad job of American police, too... This idea came up on my mind as I compared Superman with Ultraman.

As Japanese police did very good job until 1980s, Japanese did not need a crime-busting superhero but they were very vulnerable to natural disasters so they needed the superhero who'd fight with the disaster that'd drop from the sky.

冬冬 said...

Lois沒結婚呀﹐只是訂婚咋~ ^^

Pema said...

啊是的, 改了 ! 謝謝冬冬 !