Friday, November 5, 2010

Say no to additional nuclear


政府現正就香港未來的氣候政策進行諮詢,沒有提出充足幫助市民降低耗電的 措施,反而決定大幅增加核電供應以達減排目標,是本末倒置的做法!本會的研究顯示,香港根本不需要輸入更多核電。本會懇請你簽署請願信,表達你對政府盲目 增加核電的反對聲音,並促請政府落實用電需求管理政策。政府的諮詢期將於12月初結束,請立即簽署請願信,向環境局表態。


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Say no to additional nuclear

The recently announced public consultation on "Hong Kong's Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda" has failed in a serious attempt to reduce the overall energy consumption for Hong Kong. Recklessly increasing the nuclear power in the fuel mix in order to achieve the carbon emission target proposed by the government is instead putting the cart before the horse. According to WWF's study, Hong Kong sees no need to increase the nuclear supply, so that we can avoid the risks associated with additional nuclear power plants and unnecessary tariff increases. Please sign our petition letter to urge the Hong Kong government to implement Demand Side Management measures, and stop increasing nuclear supply in Hong Kong. Speak up for a better climate change policy for Hong Kong before the consultation period ends in early December!

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